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Non-Healing Surgical Wound Services
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Non-healing surgical wounds can cause extra discomfort and frustration when you’re trying to heal after surgery, so you need the right specialized wound care to continue your recovery.

At Limb Preservation Center of East Tennessee, located in Lenoir City, TN, board-certified physician Heather Hutchings, D.O. and our team of caring providers specialize in treating non-healing surgical wounds. Call our office or request an appointment online today.

FAQ: Non-Healing Surgical Wounds

What is a non-healing surgical wound?

After any surgical procedure, you have one or more incisions. While your body’s natural healing powers usually help those wounds heal relatively quickly, surgical wounds can sometimes be particularly stubborn and slow healing.

Medical providers generally classify a surgical wound as non-healing when it hasn’t healed as expected or when the incision wound lingers after several months of trying routine healing strategies.

Non-healing surgical wounds can vary based on length, depth, and the type of surgery you had. Signs that your surgical wound may be getting infected, or other signs of a complication, might include:

  • Wound drainage of fluid or pus
  • Redness around the incision
  • Incision area feels warm
  • Incision wound is deepening or widening
  • Incision wound looks dried-out
  • Skin swelling
  • Fever

Surgical wounds require specialized care. Limb Preservation Center of East Tennessee offers comprehensive evaluations of non-healing surgical wounds to ensure you get the personalized treatment you need. We carefully examine the incision, the sutures, the skin around the wound, and the bones and tissues underneath the wound. We can then design the ideal treatment for your situation. Every wound has different needs, but some of the many treatments available are:

Our team uses leading wound healing therapies and always provides individualized care for your unique situation. With proper incision care, you can stop a non-healing wound from worsening while also promoting healing.

Non-healing surgical wounds can be especially prone to infections and complications, especially in cases where the incision is large, like after an amputation. For that reason, it’s essential that you respond to the signs of poor healing right away. If untreated, a non-healing surgical wound could lead to tissue and bone death that may require additional surgery. With our advanced wound care protocols, we have had great success in improving non-healing surgical wounds when treated as soon as possible


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